De Collectie 

Cabinets of Curiosity emerged during the 16th Century but these collections existed much earlier. They began in the homes of the elite and powerful, Princes used them to pass along knowledge and educate as the collections became apart of the family heritage. 


Three kingdoms were present in these Wonder Rooms, Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. Man made artefacts, artwork, religious relics to prove existence of other worlds were shown as well as antiques and treasures from ancient times or churches of the middles ages. These diverse range of objects were collected and displayed in the one area in an usual yet fascinating juxtaposition, allowing for the artefacts to be seen with new eyes.

De Collectie, Dutch for 'The Collection' is an installation inspired by these cabinets of the past. The works displayed are amalgamations of found objects and art pieces, old and new. Inspiration was drawn from Religion (Jewish, Catholic, Pagan), Funeral customs and celebrations, Apothecaries, Superstitions, Victorian Era Momento Mori, Vanitas, Nature, Spirituality and Superstitions.