The world we live in is forever evolving and changing, new ideas are constantly being created and built upon. The idea of art has been constantly evolving and changing, from times of the great masters passing on their knowledge to the birth of contemporary art, with artists such as Marcel Duchamp placing his bicycle wheel attached to a stool in a gallery to overturn the concept of what is artistic value. The way in which we think and view art and in fact ideas in general has changed but this change has occurred from a strong and ongoing foundation of knowledge, this knowledge has paved the way for us to build on ideas, change ideas and be influenced by the ways of thinking others have founded.

Curated by Perth artist Marijke Loosjes, the exhibition Metamorphosis focuses on the way we are influenced within the artistic world, specifically the way in which artists can influence each other and allow the generation of new works to occur. The visual influence of artists can manifest in a number of ways, from strong visually linked derivatives to works with almost invisible guidance and strong conceptual relations. The beauty that influence allows is a generation of new ways of approaching an idea, which creates interesting alternatives and viewpoints to emerge on the same topic, this creates a greater understanding and a discourse between the various ways of thinking, a process that allows art and ideas to flourish, evolve and even completely change through a metamorphosis of thinking and making.

Twelve artists, from a variety of disciplines were chosen to participate in this exhibition, each were paired with another, one artist created a piece based around the theme of Metamorphosis, the other artist was then asked to responded to this piece and create a new work. The result of this process is two works of art, different in mediums and appearance, but with strong influential ties to each other. This created an experience for the viewer, having two works that are a direct relation to each other visible at the same time, in an effort to bring a feeling of a strong relationship and connection between the works while still having the full impact of each work individually, this also allowed the ideas that drive the work to become apparent.Ideas through history have always been built upon, changed and amalgamated. Ideas and concepts are constantly evolving and in a state of flux which results in a manifestation of new forms.
Metamorphosis is an inquiry into this conceptual transmutation.

Essay by Lance Ward.