they speak in tongues unknown

The abject and taboo are parts of our bodies and societies that are often not spoken about, but are intrinsically present. They hold a fascination as something that is disgusting, intriguing and sometimes even beautiful. However we react to the abject and taboo it is without a doubt compelling and a part of our lives we can never escape.
It is within these spaces of disgust, intrigue and beauty that I play. I make the unseen, seen. I make the unspoken, spoken. I confront the viewer with a scenes of disgust but layer it with an implicit beauty that cannot be escaped. The beauty enthrals while the disgust makes us want to look away, leaving a space of confusion and discomfort. By creating this space of confusion and discomfort, I aim to create a connection between beauty and discomfort, that will give the viewer a sublime acceptance of the images and objects presented.
I want to create a beautiful moment in a place that most would not think to find it.